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Minelab Pro-Gold Premium Gold Panning Kit

by Minelab
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Everything you need to get started gold panning!
Minelab have made gold prospecting easy with this superior, complete panning kit which is suited to beginners and experts alike. The kit features two premium pans with varied riffled edges, a classifier to remove larger stones and a range of accessories with a convenient light-weight carry bag.

Made from lightweight polypropylene, the pans are tough, durable, easy to carry, UV resistant and float in water. The blue colouring offers the maximum contrast to identify both gold and black sand within the pans.
The whole kit is carefully designed to pack away within itself to a minimal volume which fits neatly into the carry bag.
Remove larger stones and rock by riddling through this durable classifier.
15" Dual Riffled Pan
This versatile pan has three separate panning zones. Large 90° riffles to catch larger nuggets from gravel, mini riffles for smaller nuggets and a flat side wall to separate fine gold particles from sand.
10" Single Riffle Pan
This smaller pan is ideal for lighter loads or use by children. It features the large 90° riffles and flat sidewall.
Convertible Carry Bag
The lightweight carry bag will keep the compact kit neatly together in transit and storage. The draw-strings can be used as arm straps to make the bag a convenient back-pack leaving your hands free while negotiating difficult terrain.
Iron Separator Magnet
Effortlessly remove magnetic black sand and other ferrous particles from the gold in the base of your pan.
Double Loupe Magnifier
Inspect small gold nuggets and particles with this versitile magnifier, featuring both 3x and 5x magnification lenses.
Vacuum Suction Bottle
Quickly pick up small nuggets from the pan with this easy to use suction bottle.
Gold Transfer Pipette
Pick up fine gold particles and transfer to vials.
2x Micro Gold Storage Vials
Keep for finds safely together on your trip home in these storage vials specially designed for easy transfer from suction bottle.
Getting Started Guide
All you need to know to get started in gold panning and quickly become an expert.