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Nokta AccuPOINT

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Bluetooth/Wireless Connectivity: Listen to the pinpointer's signals directly using Nokta's Bluetooth headphones, ensuring clarity even in noisy surroundings.
Compatible with the following Nokta Metal Detectors equipped with Bluetooth:

    Nokta Simplex BT
    Nokta Simplex ULTRA
    Nokta Legend
    Nokta Score

Advanced Discrimination Tones: Offers three precise modes for efficient treasure hunting:
1 Tone: Indicates Non-Ferrous/Non-Iron
2 Tone: Indicates both Ferrous/Iron and Non-Ferrous/Non-Iron Iron Off: Eliminates Ferrous detections entirely
Iron Off: Avoids Ferrous detections entirely
Progressive Audio Feedback: As you approach the target, the intensity of the tones increases, ensuring precise pinpointing.
Vibration Mode: In addition to audio feedback, the AccuPoint can notify users through vibrations, providing an extra dimension to target detection.
Integrated Detector Mute: When activated, it automatically silences your metal detector, ensuring you only hear the pinpointer's feedback, eliminating potential distractions.
Built-in Depth Ruler: The incorporated ruler on the underside offers a useful reference for target depth, allowing you to easily measure the depth of your discoveries.


    Colour: Vibrant Yellow with Black accents.
    Waterproofing: IP68 – robust up to a depth of 3 meters.
    Battery: USB Type-C Rechargeable.
    Display: Interactive Color LCD Screen.
    Connectivity: Bluetooth technology for universal compatibility.
    Sensitivity Settings: Multiple levels of sensitivity for detailed target detection.
    Includes: Pointer Holster, USB Charging Cable, Spare Replaceable Tip